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Autumn escort services in Mumbai

Autumn time in Mumbai is a great time for restless clients to book the company of beautiful escorts. Priya Mumbai escort agency has been providing exclusive escort services to clients for many years and clients like to rebook our models for companionship in this exciting city. If you are finding escorts to make you happy, then high class escorts make the best choice. High class escorts offer top quality services that are great value for money and make you feel like the VIP that you are. There is no match for the sophistication and level of attractiveness for our elite models at Mumbai Priya escort agency.

You can peruse a guide about Mumbai and be surprised by the variety of events taking place every night. High class escorts are always ready to accompany you to different social events, parties or trips. You can make your party or trip outstanding with the help of versatile elite escorts. Attending a party or event with high class escorts is far better than going alone and you will make a great impression too. Imagine attending VIP event with a gorgeous Mumbai escort on your arm. Everyone will wonder who your beautiful companion is and how lucky you are to gain the undivided attention of this desirable model. That is the premium escort service you will experience with an elite escort agency such as Mumbai Priya escorts. Our models are discreet and adaptable to different types of bookings that you may require. Don’t know where to go for the best tapas and view in Mumbai? Let a high class escort be your guide and companion for the night. You will not regret it!

High class escorts with the right looks and personality

High class escorts are highly professional and know how to perform their duties. They treat their clients with respect and attentiveness at all times. In a big city such as Mumbai, you can many beautiful escorts however truly high class ones are trained to be great hostesses. They have the charming personalities and versatility to fulfill their client’s needs. Their high levels of discretion are attractive to high profile clients who cannot risk wasting their time. They will not act inappropriately in public or say the wrong things to let down the client in front of anyone. Clients can walk with confidence along such high class escorts in public and enjoy their time together.

If you want to meet more Mumbai escorts this Autumn, come to our frequently updated Mumbai escorts gallery to see which models we have available. Contact us for more information about our high class models.

Elite models for international travel

After a week of windy weather, Mumbai seems like an unlikely city to be in for Autumn. Autumn is truly underway in Mumbai, and you will not want to miss the array of outdoor activities to mark this cooler season. At Priya Mumbai escort service we are delighted to announce that our opening hours are being extended and our elite escorts will be coming back from their holidays over Summer to put smiles on our valued client’s faces again. All is good with life if you will be in Mumbai this Autumn.

Elite models who can accompany you anywhere inthe world

As many of you may have noticed, we have been blogging a lot about international destinations to visit with our elite models: Indian, Delhi, Mumbai, New York City, Miami, California, Paris, Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Geneva, Zermatt, Basel, Zurich, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Moscow, Lyon, Sao Paolo, Shanghai and Naples…we didn’t want our international clients to miss out on the excellent service that our VIP escorts are able to offer. You can see from our international escort’s gallery that many of our escorts based in Mumbai are, in fact, able to travel internationally to accompany our regular clients. This is a special service that is available for trusted and verified clients only, but there’s no harm in asking us about escorts who tour international cities.

At Priya, Mumbai escorts who tour international cities will be able to see new clients in that city, so if you happen to be posted there, do give us a call. Throughout the year, we will have many elite models touring Dubai, New York City, Paris, Geneva, Cannes, Zurich or Hong Kong. We would be more than happy to introduce you to our beautiful international escorts if you are already in those cities or let us know your schedule.

Great escort services this autumn

Autumn Mumbai Escorts

Your autumn Mumbai escort agency

Welcome to Mumbai Priya Escort Agency – your elite Mumbai escort service for a very enjoyable Autumn 2017. Our agency offers the debonair gentleman a hand-picked selection of attractive, friendly Mumbai escorts who look forward to exciting adventures this Autumn season. Every model you see in our gallery can be your discreet partner for your secret desires; whether you are looking for dinner companionship services, parties or special events in Mumbai. Imagine being in the company of our exquisite models in elegant and sophisticated restaurants or the most celebrated Mumbai hotels. An escort agency like Priya offers the right service for any taste and demand.

Our elite models are breathtakingly beautiful, hot-blooded, charming, cosmopolitan and educated. They enjoy life to the fullest, and know how to savour and seduce. On these pages we present you some of the best Mumbai escorts you can book. Thanks to our strict admissions criteria we are able to guarantee outstanding escort services. Naturally, we only accept attractive ladies who convince us with their charm, wit and spirit. You will know what we mean once you have met them. We would be happy to arrange an extravagant date with your dream escort that will exceed your expectations. Be captivated and treat yourself to an Autumn pampering. There is nothing more exciting than the discreet escort services offered by open minded Mumbai escorts who inspires you to loosen your inhibitions.

Celebrate Autumn 2017 in Mumbai with elite escorts

Mumbai Priya Escorts demands the highest standards from its services and escort ladies in order to offer you a wonderful and relaxed time. Contact us today and find out for yourself. A high-end escort agency for gentlemen who want only the best! Take a look at the genuine images of our stunning escort models. Whatever your desires, longings or fantasies look like – we are certain that the breathtaking beauties of our agency will fulfill them in the most sensual way. As one of the leading agencies for classy VIP escorts, we place the highest value on absolute confidentiality. Multi-lingual, open-minded and self-confident in any situation – all of our escort models are perfect accompaniments for business events and private rendezvous.

High-class escorts move with natural elegance even in the most elite circles. Let us, with discretion, confidentiality and total professionalism attend to your inquiry and arrange for you the most mind blowing experience of your life! Autumn in Mumbai will not be the same again with one of Europes premier escort services. Our models are charming and fun all year round. A pleasant conversation, a sensual moment and much more awaits you during your special date. You can spend Autumn in Mumbai with the special events going on or book an escort for European or worldwide travel. Check our international escorts section for models that are able to travel. You do not need to look further. Mumbai Priya escorts will be your first choice for your every wish.

Dos and Dont’s with dinner escorts

Independent Escorts in Mumbai

First dinner dating Dos and Dont’s with escorts in Mumbai

Dating escorts in Mumbai is a fun experience no matter what the season. The thrill of first escort encounters can warm up the coldest of winter nights and spice up the warmest of summer evenings. If you’re anticipating a first dinner date with a new escort in Mumbai and want to stay on top of your Ps & Qs, take notice of these important dos and don’ts.

Dinner Date Dos With Mumbai escorts

When the weather is cooperative, Mumbai is a beautiful sight in the evenings. Do take advantage of breezy evenings by dining al fresco.

Even if you’re at your favorite restaurant, pay more attention to your escort than you do to your meal.

While you should expect and receive good service, do treat the wait staff with courtesy and respect. A condescending attitude toward the waiter or waitress can be a major turnoff.

Do ask about your escort and make a genuine effort to get to know her. Focusing on her interests is a great way to make a wonderful first impression.

Dinner Date Don’ts with escorts in Mumbai

Avoid going on at length about your former partner or other woes. It’s natural to discuss past relationships as you get to know each other – but do her and yourself a favor and keep it brief.

It’s also a good idea to avoid discussing topics that may trigger flared tempers like politics and religion.

Enjoy a glass of wine or a relaxing cocktail, but don’t overindulge. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Don’t over-expect. Approach a first dinner escort booking as an opportunity to meet someone new, not as an ideal moment to start a long term relationship.

Don’t choose a fast food or other grab-and-go restaurant. Choose a nicer place where you can relax, feel unrushed, and enjoy a leisurely meal and good conversation.

Aim for punctuality, appropriate dress, and good conversation on first dinner bookings in Mumbai. Most elite escorts appreciate a good sense of humour and will respond well to a lively, engaging dinner in one of Mumbai’s wonderful dining establishments. Above all else, have fun!

Differences between escorts and gold diggers in Mumbai

Mumbai Escorts

Differences between an escort and a gold digger: Can you tell?

Is there a really difference between a Gold Digger and professional escort? Absolutely. Smart men in the affluent city of Mumbai need to be aware of the differences and choose relationship partners carefully. The main difference between the two is in their intentions. Gold Diggers simply want to prey on rich men and reap as many benefits for themselves as possible. In essence, it’s a greedy, one-sided relationship. Professional high class Mumbai Escorts, on the other hand, are usually ambitious women with an end goal in mind and a desire to create a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Guard your wealth and your emotions by being on the lookout for a Gold Digger versus an escort. A Gold Digger might routinely cancel dates because she usually has little regard for your schedule, lifestyle, needs, or plans. Conversely, an escort is far more accommodating because she understands that the arrangements function largely on your terms and according to your time and demands.

Another difference comes in the lifestyle of a Gold Digger as opposed to that of an escort. A Gold Digger will usually have no discernible job, career, or education goals. She will be content to live off the largesse of generous men. A part time or student escort, though, often has a college education or is actively pursuing one, has career goals and aspirations of her own, and has ambitions for her life.

Finally, a Gold Digger may use the sexual aspect of your relationship as a tool of manipulation, where an escort understands the role of intimacy in your relationship but does not wield it as a manipulations device after the terms you’ve mutually established.

Because a young woman seeks a relationship with wealthy, older, established men does not automatically make her a Gold Digger. In the case of an escort, it simply means that she has clear intentions on meeting your physical needs and relationship goals, while you meet her financial needs. When one party reaps significantly more benefits without regard to the other – that’s a Gold Digger. When both parties are meeting each other’s needs, and sharing and enjoying their own set of benefits – that’s a client-escort relationship. Can you tell the difference?

Types of escort clients in Mumbai

Mumbai Escorts

The top Types of clients in Mumbai

Mumbai area escorts and clients often connect online and via offline advertising. There are a few things all clients have in common. Some of those similarities are that they are looking for a specific type of escort-client relationship, they are looking for discretion, they are prepared to pay for their chosen escort’s time, and they are well-off, distinguished, professional (sometimes, retired) men. When escorts in Mumbai look for business, they typically encounter three different types of clients.

The Concise Client

This type of client is success oriented and success driven. A professional man who has no desire to establish a traditional relationship with all the time-consuming demands that entails, he is looking for an on-demand companion. The ideal escort for him will understand his position in business, will not make excessive demands on his time, and will make herself available when he makes time – even on short notice.

The Discreet Client

This type of client is often a married man with no desire to leave his marriage or to expose his private life to prying Mumbai eyes. He is looking for discreet, private, extra-marital fun. Where many clients enjoy the thrill of stepping out on the town and showing off their arm candy escort, this man will avoid activities that cause him (or her) to be the centre of attention. The ideal escort for him understands his need for discretion, understands the short-term nature of their relationship, and respects the impending end of their mutual arrangement.

The Recaptured Youth Client

This type of client is likely to have spent his younger years as a workaholic in order to build his wealth and reputation, or he may be a committed family man. He is now ready to experience the fun and excitement he missed during his youth. He has no desire to be tied to any one woman for long periods of time and simply wants to have fun and adventure. The ideal escort for him will be available for weekend getaways and other forms of short term enjoyment.

Which of the above categories do you fit most comfortably into? Find out now, because one of the best ways to identify the best escort for you is to have a clear realization of the type of client you are.

How Long Should You Book a Andheri Escort For?

Andheri Escorts

When you book a Andheri escort, the biggest challenge is choosing the sexy young girl. After all, Mumbai Priya Escorts is home to hundreds of blondes, brunettes and redheads from all over the world. From curvy and busty babes to pretty and petite teens, there’s something for everyone.

But aside from choosing a call girl and selected sexy services, you also need to decide how long you want to book your Andheri escort for. Head over to the profile of any Angels of Andheri call girl and you’ll find that they’re available for incalls, outcalls or both. This can be for anything from 1 to 3 hours or even overnight. But how do you decide how long is enough?

First of all, you’ll have to set a budget. Our call girls in Andheri are among the very best. As such, you can expect to pay anything from INR25000 per hour for their services. Typically, the more hours you book a Andheri escort for, the better the value. That’s because each additional hour works out cheaper.

For example, a call girl in Andheri who offers the first hour of an incall appointment for INR30000 may offer the second hour at INR25000. Simply go to the Andheri escort who takes your fancy and look at her rates section! If 1 hour is too short but 2 hours is beyond your budget, why not try 90 minutes? And for those who are keen to go beyond 3 hours, additional hours also often work out cheaper.

Of course, booking a call girl in Andheri is not just about budget. It’s also down to what you want to do together on your outcall or incall appointment. For example, a night out in Andheri at a romantic restaurant followed by few drinks will leave little time for fun and games with just 1 or 2 hours booked. As such, you’d want to consider at least 3 or 4 hours or even an overnight booking.

On the other hand, a simple date at her place or yours may only require an hour or two – it really depends on your stamina! Because rest assured, all of these girls can go for hours! One minor disadvantage of a 1 hour date is that the time really does fly by. As such, going all out for an overnight outcall or incall date is a great way to slow things down and truly enjoy every moment. Just imagine how much fun you can have with so many hours together!

Perhaps one strategy is to book a different Andheri escort for an hour each week until you find one that suits you to perfection. Trust us, it won’t be difficult! Then you can always book her for longer, knowing full well that it’s money well spent. Note that the cost of an outcall is slightly more than the cost of an incall. This is down to the time and money spent for a call girl in Andheri to reach your home or hotel room.

To put it simply, you have plenty of options when it comes to how long you book your Andheri escorts for. From 1 hour to overnight, you’re not short of choice. In some cases, it’s even possible to book a call girl in Andheri for several days for international travel! If this is something that interests you, please get in touch with our friendly, discreet team and we’ll provide you with further information.

Natural breasted escorts are hot in Mumbai

Mumbai escorts

Trend in Summer 2017 for natural breasted escorts

For years, escorts in Mumbai have undergone invasive surgical procedures to create large, voluptuous breasts. Often, they do so to boost their own self-esteem or to enhance their physical appearance. Many clients, though, prefer small breasted escorts – and naturally small breasted escorts in Mumbai can be hot! Here’s why.

Your natural breast escort will feel more pleasure because her breasts contain less fatty tissue. It’s easier to stimulate small breasts – and the more pleasure she feels, the more pleasure she extends.

Small breasts do not sag and droop the same way larger breasts do. That means they’ll stay firm and perky – and that’s a major plus for escorts working in this industry!

Escorts with smaller breasts are more prone to go topless. Imagine the thrill of seeing your escort in a wet t-shirt or in an elegant evening gown. She’ll tempt your imagination all evening.

The braless aspect of smaller breasts makes backless dresses an even greater temptation.

Small breasts are more sensitive to touch, teeth, and manipulation. That can make foreplay and physical touch more thrilling and make it easier to indulge in many fantasies and fetishes.

Smaller breasts make undergarments more exciting. Lingerie and skin-tight apparel, like push up bras, lace teddies, and bandage dresses become exciting to wear and electrifying to look at. Clients can pamper their escorts with more choice of beautiful lingerie.

Mumbai escorts with small breasts typically have better posture. They stand taller and exude confidence.

Woman-on-top takes on a whole new meaning when the weight of pendulous breasts do not impede this favorite pleasure position.

Smaller breasts don’t always mean smaller areolas. That means nipples can actually appear larger on smaller breasts – and that’s a visual appeal worth waiting for.

Big breasts have their place and many men and women enjoy them. Just as many men find pleasure and excitement in smaller breasts. Not only do they extend a youthful figure and silhouette, they can enhance pleasure for the client and hot escorts who enjoy them.

Psychological reasons why hiring escorts is so addictive?!

Mumbai escorts agencyWhy are escorts so addictive?

Imagine walking into a roomful of colleagues and peers with their mature wives on their arms. Now imagine walking into that same room with a stunning beauty by your side amid envious looks. The mental one-upmanship of that setting is one of several psychological benefits of being the client of an attractive escort.

The Psychological Confidence That Comes With Being Sought After

While self-esteem is related to your belief in yourself, confidence is the extent to which you feel your actions will garner positive reactions from others. These two feelings combined come together to have a tremendous boost to your self-image. When average looking men are sought after by attractive, accomplished escorts, the psychological effects are immediate and long-lasting.

The Psychological Advantage of The Power Position

Being in a power position at work has many advantages. So does being in the power position in a romantic relationship. You gain a psychological edge when you can relax in a relationship by knowing that your needs will be met, the you’ll be catered to, and that your efforts and actions will be appreciated. The best part of a client escort relationship is that the balance of power does not shift as the relationship goes on – it remains yours.

The Psychological Reasoning of Obtaining A Real-Life Fantasy

It’s one thing to have a vibrant, active fantasy life. That can be the stuff of dreams and daydreams. It’s quite another thing when those imagined scenarios turn into your daytime – and nighttime – reality. The psychological benefits can be enormous. Living out your fantasy with a beautiful young woman at your beck and call is fun, exciting, and an incredible rush.

Aside from the obvious physical, social, and personal reasons, the psychological reasons being a client is so addictive are plentiful. It’s a boon to any man’s ego and id to have a bevy of gorgeous women vying for his time and attention. It’s an exciting combination of being the object of peer and social envy, gaining the relationship upper hand, and seeing your fantasies achieved.

Priya Mumbai escorts agency provides an elite companionship service for clients in Mumbai and all over the world. We represent attractive Latin, European and Asian escorts.

Managing expectations in no strings attached escort relationships

Mumbai escorts

How to enjoy a carefree and no strings attached relationship with escorts

Have you ever heard the saying, “Expectations ruin relationships?” Those words ring especially true in relationships that are intended to have no strings attached. The important thing to remember in this type of open arrangement is to set clear boundaries from the onset. Casual relationships such as the ones with beautiful escorts in Mumbai are fun-loving, fanciful, and novel at the beginning. You’re into each other, meeting each other’s needs, and are both avoiding an emotional commitment in favour of a mutually beneficial arrangement. There are four simple ways to do exactly that.

First, set your expectations and make them known. Strategically lower the time and communication expectations you’d have from a more traditional relationship. When you say no strings attached, mean it and stick to it. Waffling back and forth has the potential to leave you – and your partner – confused and wondering.

Second, have a viable escape plan. In fact, have two escape plans. One for when you feel the client escort relationship has run its course. Another for when you start to suspect that one of you (it might just be you) is beginning to fall for the other in a way you didn’t intend.

Third, avoid using the L word. Don’t say you love her and don’t encourage her to say she loves you. That single word has many different connotations. While you may feel, and acknowledge, feelings of intense attraction, uttering those three little words changes the game for many women. Just don’t do it.

Finally, be sure you carefully, guard against manipulation. Don’t attempt to manipulate her, and don’t allow yourself to be manipulated. Set clear, upfront goals and standards ahead of time. Once set, do not allow that line to be crossed. Insist on clear, open communication – say what you mean and mean what you say.

The best way to manage expectations in a no strings attached escort relationship is to make your needs clear in the beginning and ask for clarity of her needs from your partner. The smartest thing to do, and the best way to maintain no strings, is to have both players lay their cards on the table and deal from the deck of honesty.

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